Bank Managers

Business Funding Expert works with bank managers to provide an alternative solution for clients when funding through the bank has been declined.

With 25 years’ experience as a commercial banker, Gordon understands well the frustration of not being able to offer a client what they want. Also, the need to maintain positive relationships with valued customers when their needs haven’t been directly met.

We offer a high level of customer service to your clients with emphasis on the value you’ve added to their business. We help you maintain your connection with them. Our aim is for them to have a positive lending experience with us that leads to future lending with you.

Our costs are fixed and carefully explained to the client so rest assured they will have all the knowledge required to make the best decision with expert guidance from us,

Success rates for acceptance are high through our lenders with 95-97% going on to take us up on an offer. If we can’t help, we’ll provide a staged-plan to move the client towards eligibility later on.

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